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Attorney Rivera knows the importance of having an educated and up to date community when it comes to the law. For that reason, Attorney Alejandro Rivera has the very important role of writing informative articles for the Osceola News Star Newspaper. 

The Harshness of Life.


Today an apparent criminal was apprehended; caught of commiting the vile act of sending some pictures of an underaged minor. Many gladly proclaim and hound, scoring political points, as yet another individual, a perspective felon with a lifetime of being branded a sexual offender, perhaps even a sexual predator.  The crime of possessing or distributing child pornography.


The accused, and apparent criminal, a future felon, and even perspective sexual offender has a name; Steven.  Young Steven, still in High School, and a straight "A" student with a pending college scholarship had just recently turned 18.  And, his high school sweetheart of two years is still 17.  They "Did It" on prom night.  And, throwing modesty to the wind recorded it for future viewing and to remember the time of their lives. 


Unfortunately, the recording was transmitted to others, perhaps as an immature prank, or a foolish kid showing of how "Cool" he is.  This "Coolness" was seen by Law Enforcement, and we now have a Child Pornography arrest of Steven.  Steven is now charged with a Second Degree felony which carries a maximum penalty of up to 15 years in Jail and a fine of up to $10,000.


Additionally, if convicted, Steven will have to register as a sex offender in Florida for the rest of his LIFE!!!


Perhaps, this is why I am a Criminal Defense Attorney; Life should not have to be this harsh.  To Steven, the parents of Steven, or anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation, please, call me:


"I Would Like To Talk To You"


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Alejandro Rivera, Esquire

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