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Kissimmee Law Firm Free Consultation

              Mission Statement

Years ago there was an obscenity.  And, out of that obscenity there birthed a great need; and a small beautiful thought:  That the common person shall be treated with dignity and respect and assisted by all the learned scholars on their path through life and the necessary trials and struggles that manifest themselves along this path.


That which was once an obscenity shall be a scholar, and assist fellow scholars in helping the common person along the rockier parts of their path through life in order to ensure fairness and equity so that together, we may all create a more just world.


Today, we shall have our Law Firm.  A Law Firm of the people, birthed from obscenities and injustices of life and wanting nothing more than to fulfill our core mission:


  • To promote social justice, fairness, and harmony within our community, and aspirationally, throughout society at large.


  • To educate our team members and put them on the path of the learned scholar.


  • To assist and lend a voice to the common person in their trials and struggles of life in order to achieve justice.


  • And, to grow this little Law Firm, as one day it Shall be a necessary force for good: Struggling for the day that there Shall be an end to social obscenities and injustices by a union of like-minded individuals and team-members, doing as much good as we reasonably can.


Welcome to the Law Firm of:




“I Would Like To Talk To You”




Sincerity & Respect,


Alejandro Rivera, President


1400 W. Oak St. #F

Kissimmee FL., 34741

407 518-7160

Where to Find Us:

Alejandro Rivera P.A.

A Law Firm

1400 W. Oak St., #F

Kissimmee, FL 34741






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