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Kissimmee Law Firm Free Consultation

Our Bankruptcy Law Firm Has Experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys in Kissimmee Florida & Our Bankruptcy Lawyers can help in Bankruptcy Filing and More in Kissimmee And Surrounding Areas

The Stereotype and Stigma is WRONG


     Many people feel that people who file bankruptcy are taking the easy way out, cheating the system, or are in some way a bad person doing something unlawful:  This is 100% WRONG.


    The United States Constitution, says "The Congress shall have Power ...To establish ... uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States...": Impliedly there shall be a legal and orderly Bankruptcy process.


    Bankruptcy under the law is about honesty, forgiveness, and a fresh start.  There is nothing sinister or evil in the filing of a bankruptcy alone.   The number one and two reasons to file for bankruptcy is either a Divorce and or Medical reasons:  Clearly you did not choose to get sick or have a marriage that did not work out.  And, forgiveness, and a fresh start is what is or should be freely given to people who embark on a honest legal process, with candor and honesty, who are willing to follow the rules, and the applicable law.


     I have even heard some people say it is a "Sin" and against Christian values not to pay off all of your debts (even when trying to do so is a useless exercise in futility):  The Bible that I read is about forgiveness, and a versed person in it can easily point out the many scriptures requiring forgiveness.  Perhaps even the verse that goes something along the lines of "Forgiving thy neighbor of ALL of their Debts who dutifully have attempted to pay after 7 years"..       Amazingly, and perhaps "coincidentally", a Chapter 7 bankruptcy with an automatic stay can be filed at the end of the 7th year.


     It is OK to file Bankruptcy if the situation calls for it.  But, not every time does the situation call for it.  Our firm does Loan Modifications, Short Sales, Mediation, Civil Litigation and a lot of other things that can help you avoid Bankruptcy.  But, ultimately, if you must file, it is important to know that ALEJANDRO RIVERA P.A. is an experienced Bankruptcy Law Firm in Kissimmee Florida.  ALEJANDRO RIVERA P.A. has three experienced bankruptcy lawyers in Kissimmee who know Bankruptcy.  Our Kissimmee Bankruptcy Attorneys at ALEJANDRO RIVERA P.A. work as a team to help rebuild your financial life.


     Our firm also works on any collateral issues sometimes within the Bankruptcy or sometimes outside of the Bankruptcy.   We address matters such as Divorce, Property Disputes, Loan Modifications, Foreclosure Defense, and much more.  ALEJANDRO RIVERA P.A., a Bankruptcy, Loan Modification, and Foreclosure Defense law firm, and the three attorney's our firm consists of is not easily overwhelmed and have a significant ability to address all of your legal concerns simultaneously.


     The first consultation is always FREE and Alejandro Rivera, Esq. always says if you have a Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Loan Modification, Civil Suit, Debt Collection issue, or any other financial problem:


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