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Appeals Attorney in Kissimmee Florida

If you lost your small claims, couty court, or cuircuit civil case and feel the law was on your side, and or the judge made a legal error you can appeal to a higher Court.


Appeals are not a redo of the trial.  The Appellate Court only reviews the written court record for legally significant errors.


Generally you cannot add more evidence that was not brought on at trial in your appeal. And, you cannot try some novel legal theories that you did not introduce at trial.


Also, there is a highly specialized set of rules that must be followed and an appeal should be properly written and very wel researched to ensure the best chance at success.


Please be aware the time you have to file a Notice of Appeal is very limited.  If it is not done in a timely manner then you have waived your right to appeal and are stuck with the consequences.


And, you should realize that an appeal can take a considerably lengthy amount of time, maybe even years. 


There is also considerable expenses involved in filing an appeal as we would need the full transcript and record of the court.  And, this must be weighed against the likelihood of success of the appeal.


We would be happy to discuss with you the possibility of filing an appeal in your case.  We will attempt to give you a fair assesmant on your case as far as the likelihood of winning on appeal (this is usually an uphill battle, but, depending on the facts of your case can on occassion be done).


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