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Kissimmee Law Firm Free Consultation

Writ Of Possessions in Kissimmee Florida

Many cases that lead to a Writ Of Possession are done by "Summary Procedure" in our Courts.


This way the case is heard first ahead of other cases and unlike many other civil cases the Court generally resolves these cases very quickly and efficiently.


ALEJANDRO RIVERA P.A. Has a great deal of experience obtaining Writs Of Possession for our clients, and in preventing them from being issued if need be.


We strive to have standardized and reasoble rates for our landlord clients.


And, to provide aggressive defense on behalf of our tenant clients.


If you have a Writ of Possession Placed on your door by the Sherriff please read it carefully.  It will probably say that you need to leave in 24 hours.


LEAVE THE RESIDENCE and do not argue with the Sherriff.  You will in all likelihood be arrested if you disobey the Sherriffs Order to leave and try to interfere with his/hers lawfully required execution of the Writ of Possession.


Writ of Possession can be obtained to evict Tenants, Squatters, People's in wrongful possession of your property, and after a successful foreclosure or ejectment case.


If you need a Writ Of Possession or are about to get a Writ Of Possession against you call us for a free consultation.


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