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Kissimmee Law Firm Free Consultation

Civil Lawsuits in Kissimmee Florida

Lawsuits in Florida can take several years.  They usually involve a lot of research and writing on behalf of the attorney.


Attorneys must research all that has transpired and draft a complaint that includes all causes of actions that can be sued on as a result of what has transpired.


Once the complaint is written and filed in court, we must obtain service of process, and then wait for an answer.


Sometimes, the defendant does not file a timely answer and if that happens we can file a motion for default, and proceed to a final judgment against the opposing party.


However, there are usually many twists and turns in this process.  The opposing part can ask to be excused from the default under certain circumstances.


Also, if they file an answer, it can include affirmative defenses and even a counter claim against you.


And, usually there is information that we would like to obtain from the other side, or facts that we would like them to admit to.  This is called discovery and this is probably the most time-consuming part of civil litigation.


Discovery can involve: request for admissions, interrogatories, depositions, subpoenas, and more.


Also, there are usually a few settlement conferences, and even mediation, if appropriate in your case.


Ultimately, if the matter is not resolved at the conclusion of all mediation, and discovery then you announce “ready for trial” and get the case set on the trial calendar.


Most cases do not make it all the way to trial, as they are usually settled in mediation or through some dispositive motion filed by the attorney.


Trial is usually your chance to speak to the judge and say your side of the story.  There are no guarantees at trial, and ultimately it is up to the Judge to decide, and based on the law, who should win the case.


There are alternative dispute resolution methods that our firm oftentimes tries in order to get a better outcome for you.


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