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Kissimmee Law Firm Free Consultation

Criminal Law Defense in Kissimmee, FL

ALEJANDRO RIVERA P.A., a criminal defense law firm in Kissimmee and our criminal defense Attorney's in Kissimmee can assist you with: Juvenile Offenses, Expungement, Misdemeanor, Felony and Appeals

Juvenile Offenses & Punishment

For serious Offenses juveniles can enter a commitment program, juvenile detention, from eighteen to thirty-six months.  This is the highest level of "Jail" as a juvenile offender.



Not everyone qualifies, but, if you do, we can try to assist you.

Misdemeanor - Maximum Punishment(s)


2nd Degree Misdemeanor -  60 Days Jail, 6 Month's Probation, $500 Fine


1st Degree Misdemeanor -    1 Year Jail, 1 Year Probation, $1,000 Fine

Felony - Maximum Punishment(s)


3rd Degree Felony - 5 Years Prison, 5 Years Probation, $5,000 Fine


2nd Degree Felony - 15 Years Prison, 15 Years Probation, $10,000 Fine


1st Degree Felony - 30 Years to Life in Prison, 30 Years to Life Probation, $10,000 Fine


Capital Felony - Life in Prison or DEATH

Additional Punishments:


Convictions of Sex Crimes can lead to mandatory inclusions in Florida Sex Offender List and/or Florida Sexual Predator List. FOR LIFE


Additionally, under the JIMMY RYCE ACT, you can be forced to "receive treatment" in a mental health facility AFTER you have served your time in Prison or Jail.


There are also "Aggravating" factors and minimum mandatory sentences (Use of a Firearm, etc...) for certain crimes which can increase the punishment if found Guilty.



If you are arrested, accused of a crime, or the police want to talk to you. Our Kissimmee Criminal Defense Law Firm ALEJANDRO RIVERA PA, and our Kissimmee Criminal Defense Lawyer, Attorney Alejandro Rivera, would be more than happy to give you a Free Consultation, CALL 407-518-7160 and remember:


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