Kissimmee Law Firm Free Consultation
Kissimmee Law Firm Free Consultation

Expungement & Sealing Criminal Records in Kissimmee Florida & Sorrounding Areas

ALEJANDRO RIVERA P.A., A Law Firm, does Expungments.  While Expungement Attorney Alejandro Rivera can file your expungement if you qualify.  It is important to note that not every record can be expunged.


There are some that can and some that can not based on a list enumerated in Florida Statutes.


Also, sometimes the record most be sealed first before it can be expunged.  And, usually only one charge may be expunged in a persons lifetime.


Another restriction is that you where found guilty then that record cannot be expunged. In order it to be possible to be a sealed record or expungeable record adjudication most have been witheld, or the prosecutor entered a nolle prosequi, then there is a chance that record may be able to be expunged or sealed.


DUI's are not expungeable, nor are any offenses related to a crime which would require registration as a sexual offender or predator are generally not expungeable.


Additionaly, there is a finger print requirement, and an FDLE application which needs to be properly addressed for an expungement to occur.


Our Law firm has experience in doing expungements and can help if you need us to.  Our initial consultation to do an expungment is Free.  And, our staff is very friendly and would be glad to talk to you about the expungment process and more.


Feel free to call us to schedule that free consultation.  Kissimmee Expungement and Sealing Attorney Alejandro Rivera would love to meet with you and try and adress your concerns.


Please keep in mind we are open on weekends and evenings to make the initial consultation more conveninient for you.

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