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With Juvenile Defense Experience in Kissimmee and Orlando, Attorney Alejandro Rivera can advise you on what to expect and attempt to get the best outcome for your child.  


If your child has been accussed of commiting a crime, he can be brought up on juveninle charges in the State of Flordia.  Or if the alleged criminal offenses are serious enough the State can file charges directly into adult court.


If your child is found guilty or pleads guilty he can be abjudicated delinquent in the juvenile court.


Upon arrest the chid may either be physically arrested or given a notice to appear, NTA.


After an arrest the State may file Charges, refered to as a petition for delinquency in juvenile court.  The State has 90 days to bring the child to trial.


A court date is set for an arraignment.  AT the arraignment the may enter a plea; not guilty, guilty, no contest.  If the child pleads not guilty he is set for trial.  If he pleads guilty or no contest usually an assessment is done, reffered to as a pre-disposition report.  This is the reccomendation of the Department of Juvenile Justice, DJJ.


Additionally, sometimes Juvenile charges are addressed by diversion.  Usually this is for first time offenders, and may require writing a letter of apology, anger management classes, drug classes, community service, and more.  Upon succesful completion of a diversion program the charges are generally dropped.


After the initial plea a child may change a plea to guilty or no contest to avoid a trial if they so chose to.


At trial the child is allowed to have an attorney, testify, remain silent, call witnesses, cross examine witnesses, much like an adult trial.  But, in juvenile court there is no jury. The judge decides both the facts and the law.


If found not guilty by the judge that closes the matter.  If found guilty then the judge can base the disposition on the DJJ reccommendation, if they so chose.  The judge can commit your child to the Department of Juvenile Justice, DJJ, or order probation, or give a judicial warning.


The highest level of commitment to the DJJ is 18 to 36 months in juvenile prison.


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