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Skilled and Experienced Misdemeanor DUI Defense in Kissimmee Florida


Is it your first time DUI arrest? 


On your first DUI arrest, and unless you have additional special circumstances, you will be charged with a Misdemeanor DUI offense.  Immediately after this arrest is the perfect time to speak to the experienced DUI attorneys of ALEJANDRO RIVERA P.A. - A Highly Aggressive DUI Defense Law Firm. 


If you are found guilty then most of the penalties are standard and have limited exceptions. DUI Defense Attorney Alejandro Rivera, an experienced Misdemeanor DUI defense attorney, will be able to help you determine if there are circumstances in your case that allow for exceptions to these mandatory requirements.



Been arrested and convicted a second time for DUI?


If it is your second DUI offense, you will also be charged with a Misdemeanor DUI offense. But, if your second DUI conviction occurs within five years of your first, you will face a 10 day MANDATORY jail sentence and other conditions.



Has it now been or going to be your third DUI arrest, and or conviction?


A third DUI offense that is 10 years or more apart from your prior DUI’s is also treated as a Misdemeanor, with enhanced penalties:  If it is within 10 years of your first two DUI offenses, you will face a 30 day mandatory jail sentence as well.


Please Remember:


Oftentimes, even your first DUI will lead to a temporary suspension of your license:  This is specifically mandated if you refused to submit to a breathalyzer exam.  DUI convictions go on your permanent record


There is a chance that ALEJANDRO RIVERA P.A., A Law Firm, and our DUI Defense Attorney’s, practicing DUI Defense in Kissimmee and surrounding areas, may be able to get your DUI reduced to a lesser charge like reckless driving, which carries more lenient penalties.   ALEJANDRO RIVERA P.A., A Kissimmee DUI Law Firm, and our Kissimmee DUI Lawyer’s understand that the burden of proof lies with the prosecutor and they will know how to identify details in the prosecutor’s case that may work in your favor.


After being charged with a DUI, it is important that you contact us, Experienced Kissimmee DUI Defense Attorneys.  We have experience in DUI Defense and its complexities, at the ready to begin working for you in the hopes of getting you a more positive outcome on your case.  If you have been arrested for a DUI remember the first consultation is always FREE and DUI Defense Attorney Alejandro Rivera says:



“I Would Like To Talk To You”

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