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Kissimmee Law Firm Free Consultation

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Divorce in Florida is governed by Florida Statute 61.052.  This Florida Divorce Statute, and its many nuances is one that our divorce lawyers are very familiar with.  Also, we understand that divorce is a very unique experience for everyone.  No two cases are exactly alike.  Some divorce clients need more help than others depending on the circumstances of the divorce.  Or those clients who are in the grip of powerful emotions, we realize it can be difficult to make the decisions you need to make.  And, as family law attorneys and divorce lawyers, we advocate on your side during this tough time.


We have the family law experience to competently represent you in divorce proceedings, child custody, paternity suits, and all family law proceedings so as to aggressively protect your rights as may be necessary.  We strive to counsel and inform you and safeguard your legal rights throughout this highly significant life change you are going through.


No one can truly know what you're going through.   We strive to give you candid advice, and our legal opinion based on our knowledge in family law, divorce, child custody proceedings, or any other applicable law.  And, facilitate a mediated settlement or aggressively fight at trial to protect your legal interest, based on your wishes. 


We are aware that how you divide your property during a divorce can have financial consequences that will follow you for years. The decisions you make about sharing parenting time — and the way you go about making those decisions — have the potential to affect your relationship with your children for years.


We know you have a lot on the line, it is important for you to have an experienced, qualified divorce lawyer on your side. Someone you can trust.  At ALEJANDRO RIVERA P.A., A Kissimmee Divorce Law Firm, we strive to be the best Counselors we can be, and always mindful of how important this is to you.  We have helped many people with a variety of issues related to divorce, including:


             Property division                                        Spousal support

 Alimony                                                       Divorce mediation

             Parenting Plan                                             Child custody

             Child support                                              Bankruptcy Planning

             Immigration Consequences                      Domestic Violence

             General Counseling Referrals                   Standby Consultations

             Divorce decree analysis                             Misc. Other divorce-related issues


The experienced attorneys at the Law Firm of ALEJANDRO RIVERA P.A., A Divorce Law Firm, located in Kissimmee, have seen how things can go wrong and how they can go right. We strive to counsel and assist you in taking control of your own destiny.  And, as your Family and Divorce Lawyer, we advocate and assist so that you are reaching agreements that will put you in a better position to start your new, independent life.


If you're going through a divorce and you need experienced legal help, call ALEJANDRO RIVERA P.A. You can call us right NOW; we know this is important to you, so we are always on standby.  So, Weekends, Evenings, or when you need us, we strive to be there for you.  Remember, if you are going through divorce issues Attorney Alejandro Rivera would like to let you know:


“We Would Like To Talk To You”


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