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End Of Life Packet

What Is an End Of Life Packet:


An end of life packet is a packet of legal documents that our Firm recommends for you to have to address issues of death and the accompanying legal issues that arise as a result of the process of dying.


The most common legal document that we are all familiar with is a Will.  It distributes assets to heirs upon the death of the person with the will.  And does a few other important things after you die.


But, there are also other recommended Legal documents that are important.  Like a Living Will, a document that can provide written directions about your wishes should you no longer be able to communicate those wishes personally.  It can speak to things like extraordinary life-saving measures, feeding tubes, breathing machines, and organ donation.


Additionally, a Durable Power of Attorney is oftentimes recommended because it allows someone to continue to act as your Power Of Attorney even though you are incapacitated.  A typical Power of Attorney is not ordinarily valid should you become incapacitated.


Also, there are a number of other documents we discuss with you in preparing the End Of Life packet such as Pre-Need Guardianship, Health Care Surrogate, Letter Of Intent.


If you have questions over the specific facts of your case, ALEJANDRO RIVERA P.A.  would be happy to talk with you about your End Of Life and Family Needs.  


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