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Kissimmee Law Firm Free Consultation

Get Help from an Experienced Foreclosure Attorney in Kissimmee, FL.

For sale sign from a foreclosure in Kissimmee, FL Foreclosure Defense to the Rescue

For many adults, their home is their biggest asset and one of their most important investments. When you face foreclosure, you may feel intimidated, embarrassed, or even scared. However, foreclosure can happen to anyone.


Regardless of your financial situation, you deserve guidance and representation to help you determine how to move forward during this difficult process.


Trust Alejandro Rivera P.A. for compassionate and experienced foreclosure representation.


Your Options


When you come to us with a history of missed payments or the possibility of foreclosure, we first assess your situation in its entirety. Then, we work with you to develop a plan for dealing with your foreclosure.


We can help you decide if loan modification may help you keep your home or if strategic default may work for you. Additionally, we can help you determine if a legal foreclosure defense applies to your situation.


You may have a legal case to counter your foreclosure in the following scenarios:

  • Foreclosure was initiated while you were on active duty military service
  • The foreclosing party broke the law or failed to serve you notice
  • Your mortgage includes unconscionable or unlawful terms


We handle all foreclosure proceedings with one important truth in mind: every homeowner has rights, including homeowners who have fallen into financial hardship or who have faced unfair housing agreements.


Our Expertise


At our law firm, we strive to give solutions that can improve legal situations to people who may feel trapped. During a foreclosure defense consultation, we do more than provide you with options, we ensure that you fully understand your rights as a homeowner.


We prioritize client education to ensure that you can make the right decisions for you with the help of our experienced team.


To schedule a consultation at our Kissimmee, FL office, call us at 407-518-7160 or fill out our online contact form.

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