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Kissimmee Law Firm Free Consultation

Experienced Foreclosure Litigation Attorney Services in Kissimmee Florida

Foreclosure is the start of a court case.  Just because you are in foreclosure does NOT mean you are guaranteed to loose your house.


But, you will likely lose your house, and very quickly, if you do nothing.


ALEJANDRO RIVERA P.A., An experienced foreclosure defense Law Firm in Kissimmee Florida is willing to fight for you.


We can prevent a default judgment by giving a legally sufficient answer and providing affirmative defense, and even going as far as filing a counter claim in your foreclosure case.


We can challenge the legal sufficiency of the foreclosure complaint, and do everything in good faith to keep you in your home.


At a minimum this can prolong the foreclosure process and allow a better chance for some of the other processes that we have available to resolve the foreclosure complaint; Loan Modification, Short Sale, Mediation, Bankruptcy, to end your foreclosure favorably.


But ideally, we can try to get the foreclosure case dismissed if there are sufficient grounds.  You could have been the victim of predatory lending, the foreclosure complaint could have been filed incorrectly, the sale was not done according to the Court order and the requirements of law.


These are things we can look into to keep you in your home.  Additionally, if your home is sold for lower than the amount due the Bank then they can come after you for a deficiency judgment.  We keep that in mind and do our best to plan the best exit strategy for you, if ultimately leaving the house is the only option you have left. 


If you would like aggressive foreclosure defense in Kissimmee Florida or the surrounding area give us a call.  The first consultation is always free. 


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