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Mediation Benefits and the role of our Kissimmee Florida foreclosure Attorneys in the mediation process.

ALEJANDRO RIVERA P.A. A Foreclosure Defense Law Firm located in Kissimmee Florida will gladly represent you at mediation in your foreclosure case.


If there is no mediation scheduled one of the things we do is request mediation as part of your foreclosure defense case.


Mediation allows for the parties of the case to come together to see if there is something that can be done to work out our differences.


In past experiences, we have seen mediation turn things around.  The banks on occasion come up with very good solutions and processes to try and prevent the foreclosure (with some prodding from your defense attorney at times); Principal Reduction, Loan Modification, Forbearance Plan, Reinstatement Plan, Government program eligibility review, Bank loss mitigation programs, Extension Agreements, and more.


Mediation also allows for some breathing room for the Homeowner as the process of mediation can take as much as six months and allow us a better opportunity to prepare other fall back defenses in the event we are not successful in mediation.


And, even if we do not finalize an agreement at the mediation many banks generally agree to continue settlement discussions even after the mediation session is over. 


So, "Conciliation Conferences" between the Attorneys can be scheduled between the parties, and during these conferences, we can continue to represent you and try to finalize a settlement of your foreclosure case that would put you in a better position and you can live with.


And, in the event the Mediation and the Conciliation Conferences do not terminate the case we will continue to zealously represent you through the mediation process and bring forth any and all good-faith defenses you have in the mediation case.


So, don't lose hope, if the initial mediation is unsuccessful, while there are many success stories in mediation, oftentimes it is the beginning of a very long process which may, in the end, yield a result which you find fair and satisfactory.


Our first consultation is free.  Call: 407 518-7160  And we will be happy to discuss our success record at obtaining mediations and resolving the case in mediation.  If you're in need of an attorney to represent you at mediation in Kissimmee, Florida or the surrounding area.  We would like to talk to you.




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