Kissimmee Law Firm Free Consultation
Kissimmee Law Firm Free Consultation

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Immigration law is highly complex and if mistakes are made, they can be costly. Attorney Alejandro Rivera would like to assist you when you apply for benefits and need an immigration lawyer.  Set up a consultation for the following immigration issues:



Green Card Renewal


Marriage Visa

Naturalization / Citizenship

Withholding of removal defense

Hearings at U.S.C.I.S.

Hearings at E.O.I.R.


& Appeals

and Much More. 


Everyone in our Law Firm cares a great deal about immigration.  My Litigation Attorney is a refugee herself.  Also, I have been touched by the many wonderful people I have had the pleasure of meeting and had the privilege of calling clients, as well as friends. 


We have assisted: Columbian, Filipino, Muslim, Christian, Thai, Ecuadorian, Haitian, Canadian, Mexican, Honduran, Dominican, and many more and counting:  Future clients, and friends, we'd like to say "Welcome To America."  Or as my Father would say:


 "Bienvenidos - Mi Casa es Su Casa"

"Welcome Guest(s) My House Is Your House"


For your immigration needs the first initial Consultation is FREE. Call 407-518-7160.  We hope we can help you, and would like you to remember:


"I Would Like To Talk To You"



Warm Regards,


Alejandro Rivera, Esq.





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