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Deportation Defense & Removal Proceedings handled by our experienced immigration lawyers

Unlawful Presence and defending yourself in Immigration Court; Executive Office of Immigration Review, EOIR.


If you receive a Notice To Appear, NTA, I strongly recommend hiring an Attorney immediately.  A NTA is a very serious matter.  It is the beginning of a deportation, known as removal proceedings.  Failure to show up to the scheduled "Master Calendar Hearing" can lead to a Removal Order entered against you; deportation.


These orders once entered are extremely hard to appeal.  It is in your best interest generally, to try not to have a deportation order entered against you.  Even if you think your case is hopeless many immigration attorneys, myself included, offer a FREE initial consultation, and may be able to find some way to assist you either win your case, or at least to give you a good fighting chance and possibility of winning your case throughout the many years that this Law Firm will defend you in your case as aggressively as it is in our abilities.


There are Defenses that at times can be used to prevent deportation.  Lists of some of these defenses are:


Adjustment of Status


Withholding of Removal

Voluntary Departure

Protection under Convention Against Torture, CAT

Cancellation of Removal

Cancellation under VAWA

Deferred Action

NACARA Special Rule Cancellation

Private Bills

Prosecutorial Discretion


      For very in depth specific and detailed information about the above defenses please follow this Link to:  INA   (Immigration and Nationality Act) - A very important source of law for Immigration.******


Being forced out of this country is severely traumatic.  I encourage you to use any and all legal rights that you have.  If you need my assistance or would like a FREE Consultation call:  407-518-7160


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